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Party Menu & Xtras

Xtra's Marks the Spot

Banjoe Mascot                                          £10

30 Minute Disco                                        £20

30 Minutes of Games & Party Dances      £25

Party Bags                                                 £1.25 each

Buccaneers Buffet                                     £5 per person

Add an Adult Buffet to your booking.  Pick 5 options from our list. 


Speak to a member of staff to discuss any of the Xtras above.

Buffet Choices for Packages


Mixed cold sandwiches on white or brown bread (Cheese,Ham,Jam,Tuna,Chocolate Spread)

Cheese and Tomato Pizza, Chips or Wedges, Mini Sausages, Vegetable Sticks and Crisps


Cheese and Tomato Pizza, Smiley Faces, Chips or Wedges, Sausages, Fish Fingers and Chicken Nuggets

We can cater for allergies and many special dietary requirements. 

Please speak with a member of staff when booking who can discuss options with you.